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Friday, August 4th, 2023. 7:30pm - 10pm
This event is FREE! Bring a lawn chair and some cash for the food trucks! 

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Chad’s latest musical outlet, Chad Borgen and The Collective, is perhaps the best vehicle to help channel his appreciative musical guitar exploration.  At the center of this group is a tasteful awareness of musical appreciation. The Collective’s fusion of rock and country is quite the amalgamation. An interblending of sound that is distinctively deep rooted, served up with plenty of humor, and a slight animated wild abandonment in a performance not to be missed. 


"The “Collective” is a nod to our musical peers and influences while mixing it up with our own style of bluesy, frothy funk, chicken pluckin’, psychedelic, four on the floor, musical frolicking." - Chad Borgen

To Learn more and to listen to tunes visit:

Or find them on Facebook or Instagram

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